It's an exciting year for us at The Flying Winemaker. We are celebrating 10 years of Eddie McDougall Wines!

These past years have seen the release of collaborations with famous producers and wineries, exploration of different wine regions, varietals and winemaking techniques. But one thing remains true and that is, each range is a passion project and we make wines that should be enjoyed by everyone. 

Here is a Q&A of the journey of EM wines and the man behind the label, Eddie McDougall.


Eddie McDougall Wines; Langworthy, tete â tete, Urban Project, Kind Valley


1. It was a bottle of Alsace wine that first inspired you to be a part of the wine industry, what was it and has there been any other wines that have been that life changing?

The wine was a delicious Pinot Blanc produced by the legendary Paul Blanc of Alsace. There are three other exceptionally memorable wine moments that will forever live inside me and they were; 1937 Hugel Riesling, 1942 Château Latour and 1926 Marqués di Murrietta’s Castillo Ygay.

 2. Is there a style or varietal that you love working with the most?

For me I love pretty and aromatic red wines that show more florals rather than just primary fruits. These include Grenache, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese and Nebbiolo

Eddie McDougall Kind Valley Sangiovese

 3. The majority of your wines are produced in King Valley, your new label design reflects that. What makes King Valley so special?

The King Valley in Australia is truly the hub for all things Italian. The Italian migrant culture is rich with its food and grape production. The cooler climate of this region is also more reminiscent of European origins making it ideal for grape growing. The mix of soil profiles from rugged clays to free draining granite allows for a diversity of wine styles to be produced. 

4. You’ve won awards for a range of your wines, what does that mean to you?

It’s always a great sense of achievement for the grape growers and winemakers to win awards and get rave reviews, however, the real reward is seeing the wines served at wonderful establishments like the Sydney Opera House. I get more of a kick from that, than I do from a couple numbers or a sticker given by a wine judge. 

5. In the 10 years of EM wines, what has been the greatest challenge and the greatest success that you have accomplished?

It’s been a challenge all the way and will continue to be, as tastes of wine drinkers are changing along with the climatic conditions of where quality wine grapes are grown. Ultimately, the great challenge in the winemaking world is trying to make everyone happy with your product range and the greatest success in the wine world is survival. Winemaking is not an overnight business and those who are successful, spend a lifetime investing in it.

Urban Project: Hong Kong made wine

6. From the Umami range to The Urban Project and now the Eddie McDougall King Valley range, your wines represent who you are, how would you describe your journey through the different labels and wines? 

The journey of the range is really a reflection of the stages I was at in my career. Umami was early and small, focused on making the best wine I could whilst holding down a day job. The Urban Project is where the true wild side came to life and it reflects a time where my entrepreneurial spirit started to emerge when I returned to Hong Kong. The Eddie McDougall, King Valley collection is where I see the future of Australian winemaking and drinking as I feel the country has been boxed in for too long under the same old Shiraz, Cabernet and Chardonnay labels.

7. You are a huge advocate of rosé, especially in Asia. What is it about rosé that inspires all this passion? 

Rosé, Rosado and Rosato are pretty accompaniments for the Asian palate and Asian lifestyle. It’s beautiful to look at, works well with all types of regional flavours and is an easier wine for new-to-wine drinkers to appreciate and love.

Eddie McDougall Mas de Daumas Gassac harvest

8. You have worked with many wineries like Deep Woods Estate and Moulin de Gassac what other EM collaborations can we look forward to seeing? And are there any bucket list collaborations that you would love to work with?

We are always open to exciting collaborations with iconic winemakers who are willing to test the boundaries of their winemaking flare and break from tradition. The future for our next collaboration will hopefully come from some exciting wine producers in Asia and especially from regions like Ningxia and Japan.

9. Are there any unorthodox food and wine pairings that you would suggest? 

I have always loved pairing Gewürtztraminer with spicy Sichuan cuisine. The mouth numbing spice paired up with a vibrantly aromatic and luscious Gewürtz is awesome! Try it!

Eddie McDougall wine in LKF

10. What are your weekday wind down or special occasion wine picks?
Weekday wine down pick Special occasion picks
Eddie McDougall Rosato Any nice Barolo
Eddie McDougall Prosecco Hawke's Bay Syrah
Rioja Reserva reds Grand Cru Chablis


It's been a crazy adventure so far, we are looking forward to what the future brings. The label very much reflects the vision of our company and that is that wine is a social lubricant that brings people together. 

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Nicole Ng

Written by Nicole Ng

This kiwi was born and raised in Middle-earth. Nicole studied Wine Science at the University of Auckland on the beautiful Waiheke Island. Since graduating, she has been harvest hopping around the world. Completing vintages in Marlborough, Napa Valley, Hunter Valley, Ashikaga, and Auckland.

She manages Asian Wine Review and Rosé Revolution which takes up most of her time, but you will also see her helping out at many of TFW Masterclasses too!

With her free time, she likes to find cheap eats around Hong Kong and spend time outdoors. Somehow she is always hungry and has convinced her family and friends that she has a second stomach for dessert.

Unforgettable wine tastings: Corison Winery in Napa valley and Destiny Bay in Waiheke Island.


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